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Bangkok Thai Passion

Written By Scott Joseph On April 23, 2019

Bangkok Thai exterior

While I sat waiting for my food at Bangkok Thai Passion at one of only two occupied tables, a woman came rushing through the front door. She loudly expressed relief that the restaurant was open — she had tried to call in an order but the restaurant’s phone was not working. She apparently feared the worst.

I guess we all have different things that stir our passion. My experience at the Ocoee restaurant was more frigid. At least that’s what I felt from my server, who seemed desperate to be anywhere doing anything other than where and what she was. Clearly, waiting tables is not her passion. (This was in contrast to the genuinely warm welcome I had from someone I assume to be an owner when I first came through the door.)

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Bangkok Thai rolls

And unfortunately none of the food I sampled stirred my loins, either. Spring Rolls were a bit too greasy and didn’t seem to have much more inside the crisp wrappers than chopped bok choy.

Bangkok Thai ram

Pra Ram, from the list of specialty entrees, was a mildly seasoned dish that featured a peanut and coconut sauce with chicken and broccoli. It was nicely sprinkled with crushed peanuts but it craved for additional seasoning.

Bangkok Thai pad

So, too, the Pad Thai. There were plenty of rice noodles and bean sprouts. But again, the flavor was just bland.

Bangkok Thai interior

Tables are covered in white cloths and topped with glass, but the dining room has a cluttered and worn appearance. Ceiling tiles sag a bit, and boxes are stacked in the back along the wall leading to the restrooms.

Perhaps there once was passion at Bangkok Thai Passion, but it would seem the flame has gone out.

Bangkok Thai Passion is at 11127 W. Colonial Drive, Ocoee. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number — if it works — is 407-614-0153. The restaurant’s website was not functioning at the time of publication.

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