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Bad As’s Sandwich Winter Park

Written By Scott Joseph On August 13, 2020

Badasstogo ext

Bad As’s Sandwich, a previous winner of the Best Sandwich Foodster Award, opened its brick-and-mortar restaurant in the Milk District just three years ago after doing business solely as a food truck.

Now chef and owner John Collazo has opened a second location in Winter Parks on Fairbanks Avenue in a space previously occupied by a pizza joint. Sandwiches are well suited as takeout food, so it seemed like a perfect time to check out the new place. Well, from the outside anyway, as I placed my order for curbside pickup.

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Bad As’s features 20 or so sandwiches, all temptingly appealing. The sandwicherie’s website has good descriptions of each (although it might mention the type of bread they’re on and that the sandwiches are hot) but it lists no prices.

The online ordering form has prices but no descriptions of the sandwiches. So after cross-referencing between the two, I made my choices: The Big Boy and the Hangover, also known as I Got You Bro.

Badasstogo bigboy

Badasstogo bigboy open

Both sandwiches were massive and crammed full of meats and accouterments. The Big Boy featured roasted pork seasoned with adobo, bacon, pepperoni, havarti cheese, roasted mushrooms, several slices of tomato and a few totted potatoes. Some Asian slaw and creole mustard aioli slathered on the soft hoagie roll finished it off.

Badasstogo hangover

Not sure why the Hangover is called the Hangover (or I Got You Bro for that matter) but it consisted of sliced beef and lots of bacon plus a fried egg, which was more like a rolled omelet, so no oozing yolk. It also had havarti cheese plus some crispy fried onions. Of the two, I think I preferred the Hangover over the Big Boy.

Badasstogo wrapper

Both were wrapped in foil paper and sealed with a sticker bearing the Bad As’s logo, then placed in paper bags that also had a handful of loose potato chips in them.

Badasstogo chips

When I arrived at the restaurant on Fairbanks Avenue, I called the phone number on my receipt, but that number was for the Milk District shop. Luckily, the phone number was also on the restaurant’s window. A young woman answered and said she’d be happy to bring the order out to my car, which she did post haste.

About those prices, the Big Boy was $15 and the Hangover $12. Not inexpensive, but there’s a lot of sandwich there for the money.

Bad As’s Sandwich is at 1881 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park (across the street from Lombardi’s Seafood). It is open daily, but the current hours have it closing at 5 p.m. most days. The Winter Park location’s phone number is 407-951-6971.

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