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Baba’s Orlando Mediterranean Grill

Written By Scott Joseph On February 25, 2016

Baba platter

Baba’s Orlando Mediterranean Grill has opened in downtown Orlando in the space that had been occupied by WhiteWood Mediterranean Grill and continues the serving of such things as shawarmas and kababs (though one hopes with better pest control than was detailed in this article from The Daily City).

Baba’s is an ideal spot for a quick bite of something beyond the basic sandwiches and burgers. (Hey, all you people standing in line down the block for a Wahlburger! You have options.)

I popped in recently and ordered the Falafel Platter. It featured four of the chickpea fritters on top of a bed of greens, which seemed to serve more as a garnish than a salad. There were a few pita points and I had my choice of sides. I went with some baba ghanouj and stuffed grape leaves.

There wasn’t anything noteworthy about the ghanouj, though the eggplant dip was nice as a spread on the pita points with some falafel as a sort of makeshift sandwich.

The grape leaves, however, had a very distinct aroma that was sweet and hard to pinpoint, and then it hit me: They smelled like bubble gum. Don’t know why. They seemed to be filled only with rice (I opened one up to see if there were any pink flecks in it).

I did feel that the $9.99 fee was a buck of two more than what was on the plate warranted.

Baba interior

Baba’s is on the corner of Central Boulevard and Orange Avenue, and the walls facing both streets open up and give the place an open-air feel, which is very pleasant.

Baba’s Orlando Mediterranean Grill is at 1 S. Orange Ave., Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily, including late nights, though they don’t feel that information is important enough to put on the website (you won’t find prices there, either). The phone number is 407-801-5198.

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