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Another Broken Egg Cafe

Written By Scott Joseph On March 5, 2014

ABE interior

The area recently acquired Another Broken Egg Cafe. Actually, that should read another Another Broken Egg. The name comes from the suggestion from a customer of the original cafe, which was called simply The Broken Egg, in Mandeville, Louisiana. According to the restaurant’s website, the customer begged the owner to “open another Broken Egg Cafe.” The name resonated. Luckily it wasn’t carried forth or the one that recently opened in Winter Park Village would be Another X 40 Broken Egg Cafe.

ABEC took over the space that was made available when Truffles Grill skipped town (leaving the advertising bills to at least one local website unpaid). Experientially, it offers nothing beyond what you’ll find at the other breakfast chains, including First Watch, Peach Valley Cafe, the Egg & I or even the more local Keke’s. The bucolic atmosphere is largely forced, with the requisite copper molds hanging on the walls. (Did your mother have these copper Jell-O molds, and did you ever once see her use them?)

The menu runs through the usual suspects, too. You’ve got your omelets, your pancakes, your french toast, and Benedicts. One good thing, especially given the multi-state reach of Another Broken Egg, is the localization of some items, such as the Floridian omelet, which for some reason is filled with cream cheese and sauteed crabmeat. The earthenware coffee mugs, too, have Winter Park stamped beneath the restaurant’s name. That’s a nice touch.

ABE omelet

I chose the Supreme omelet, which had sausage, bacon, onions and mushroom plus a tremendous amount of cheddar and jack cheese. So much cheese that it was impossible to execute a simple fork maneuver to cut a piece — additional sawing was needed to break the string of cheese.

But I’ve never been one to complain of extra cheese. The omelet was a good size, and was accompanied by english muffins and “country” potatoes, cubed and crisped via frying.

Service didn’t make me feel particularly warm or noticed for that matter. A refill on the coffee should be a given for a breakfast place, though none was offered.

Another Broken Egg Cafe will likely do well with folks who don’t want to drive down Orlando/Mills Ave. to the new First Watch.

Another Broken Egg Cafe is at 430 N Orlando Ave. (it’s near Chamberlin’s). It is open for breakfast and lunch daily. The phone number is 407-790-7868.

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