A Thank-You Letter from Scott

Written By Scott Joseph On January 1, 2020

Dear Readers,

It might not look like it but it takes a lot to keep a website like this up and running. Much effort, yes, in term of research, writing and administrative duties, but also money. There are, of course, the costs associated with visiting each restaurant that is written about, and we all know how expensive that can be. But there also software costs and maintenance fees and ongoing payments to the hosting company that ensure the site is always online and can be seen and accessed.

Among the invoices I pay out gladly and without hesitation is to my webmaster, David Clow. David is responsible for the way the site looks, where things are placed on each page and for making all of the features functional and accessible. When something breaks – and things break frequently with a site of this size – David always has the answer and the fix. He tires of me calling him a genius but that designation is his.

The other person I’m indebted to is Nicole Spooner, owner of Mpact Marketing and the sole official representative for advertising sales on SJO. That’s an important role because it is the sponsors who really make this site possible. Nicole – working under the my strict rules for advertisers – finds the businesses worthy of presenting to you on these pages.

Oh, and you’re pretty darned important, too. If you weren’t reading the reviews and articles and subscribing to my weekly e-letter, there wouldn’t be much reason for me to do all of this.

Thank you. I hope you continue to see this website as a useful and entertaining guide.

And I hope that you will thank the sponsors who help pay the bills and keep the site a completely free service for readers. It’s really helpful if when you visit one of the restaurants you see here that you tell a manager or owner that you saw it on Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide. That lets them know that their advertising dollars are reaching the right audience – people who appreciate learning about good food and enjoyable dining experiences.

You can see the advertisers ringing the pages here, but I’ve added them below for another look.

Thanks for being a part of this nearly 11-year adventure. I plan to do it as long as you keep showing up.

Happy New Year,


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