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A reusable, exchangeable takeout container

Written By Scott Joseph On January 18, 2021


Here’s a dandy idea.

One of the downfalls of the rise in takeout is the regrettable single-use foam and plastic containers in which the food is packaged. The containers are convenient, relatively cheap, easy to use, and potentially an ecological disaster.

So that’s why I like this product from M’Porte, a San Diego company. It’s marketing reusable to-go containers that customers purchase and then exchange with their next order.

Restaurants participating in the M’Porte exchange program will take a customer’s container – rinsed of any food residue – and exchange it for a cleaned and sanitized one filled with more delicious and guilt-free food. Well, at least free of guilt from trashing the environment.

And my understanding of the program is that the container isn’t tied to just one restaurant but can be exchanged at any participating eatery. And, the restaurants take 25 cents off the order, which sounds like sort of a big whoop kind of deal but those quarters can eventually add up.

The containers are leak proof and made of food grade stainless steel. They can hold up to 50 ounces of food and can be placed in the over to reheat the takeout (if you remove the silicone seal that makes it leak proof).

Currently, only a handful of restaurants in Del Mar and Encinitas are participating in the exchange program. But it sure would be nice to see it expand to Central Florida.

What do you think – would you participate in a reusable takeout container exchange program?

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