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903 Mills Market

Written By Scott Joseph On May 31, 2011

903_MillsSometimes you’re just hungry for a really good sandwich. That was the case one recent weekend after working all morning in the yard. I didn’t want to go inside and throw something together; I wanted someone else to throw something together. So for some reason 903 Mills Market popped into my head, so I popped into the car and headed over to the little corner cafe.

As I reported several months ago, Mills Market is under new ownership. But if anything has changed in the way things are done here, it hasn’t affected the joint’s popularity. Nearly all the outdoor tables were occupied (and most of the seating is outside here) and there were loads of people waiting to order or pickup their food.

I ordered three sandwiches, the Italian, the 903 Club, and something called the Roger Dodger. That last one was sort of a take on a Rueben, though I can’t say that Reuben ever met Roger. It had roast beef and corned beef on rye bread with melted swiss cheese and thousand island dressing, plus lettuce and tomato. This was my favorite of the three.

I liked the club sandwich second best. It had ham, turkey, bacon and swiss on tasty sourdough bread.

The Italian would have been a winner if the bread had been a bit better. It had loads of Genoa salami, ham and provolone, with olive tapenade, mayo and a drizzle of olive oil. But the ciabatta roll was a tad dry. And if your bread isn’t good, neither is the sandwich.

By the way, all the sandwiches were amply filled, and most were priced reasonably at $6.99.

903 Mills Market retains its funky and casual mien. What was once a neighborhood grocery store was turned into a wildly successful cafe in 2006, though honestly if feels as though it has been a part of the near-Lake-Davis scene for far longer. I’ll be stopping in more often.

903 Mills Market is at 903 Mills Ave., Orlando. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. Here’s a link to 903millsmarket.com. (Loud website alert!) The phone number is 407-898-4392.


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