2009 Central Florida Veg Fest will be Saturday at Loch Haven Park

Written By Scott Joseph On October 21, 2009

veg fest

Are you a vegan? Or maybe just vegan-curious? If so, you’ll want to head for Loch Haven Park on Saturday for the fourth annual Central Florida Veg Fest. (I’ve been pronouncing that vehj fest but seeing as how all the food that will be available is vegan maybe it’s supposed to be veeg fest. I like the way vehj fest sounds better.)

The CF Veg Fest is sponsored by Vegetarians of Central Florida, a social and educational group for vegetarians and vegans and those who aspire to be with more than 1000 members. The event, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., is free and will feature hundreds of vendors, speakers, food demos and music.

There will be food booths, too, including offerings from some of the growing number of restaurants that feature vegan menu items. All food served at Veg Fest will be vegan, meaning it will contain no animal products at all, including dairy. While admission to the fest is free, food will be offered for sale.

Central Florida Veg Fest is billed as smoke-free, family-friendly and dog-friendly. (We’re talking vegans here, so there is no danger of having your pooch grabbed for a quick snack, unlike some other food festivals I could mention.)

For information about sponsors, vendors and speaker and food demonstration schedule, visit the event’s official Web site.

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