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Wines of the Veneto, plus Restaurant Reviews and News

Written By Scott Joseph On October 11, 2018

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News from the Flog  

Learn about Wines of the Veneto at Grande Lakes Class
Wines JW If you know wines, you know that Italian wines are enjoying a newfound popularity. If you’d like to expand your knowledge of wines in general and of wines of the Veneto region in particular, the folks at PRIMO at the JW Marriott Grande Lakes Orlando have just the thing for you.

The PRIMO team will present an exclusive wine tasting to teach you everything you need to know about wines from the region of Veneto in Italy. Who else would know about all things Italian than the people at PRIMO? And because it’s the people at PRIMO, you can also expect some small bites to go with the wines.

It all takes place Saturday, Oct. 20, from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at the JW Marriott, 4040 Central Florida Parkway, Orlando. Tickets are $45 and reservations are required. Call 407-393-4683. Sounds like one molto piacevole afternoon.

Recent Restaurant Reviews

Bem Bom

Bembom sign

Bem Bōm’s Francisco “Chico” Mendonça is the latest chef to use his popular food truck as a conveyance to a land-bound restaurant. He recently opened a wheelless version of Bem Bōm, which features a Portuguese menu, in a freestanding building in Audubon Park.

The food truck business has proved a bumpy road for many who have tried and failed. Bem Bōm, however, has enjoyed a healthy popularity since 2012 and was once featured on Food Network’s “Eat St.” Heck, Bem Bōm has lasted longer than that tv show.

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Tutto Caffè

tutto caffe ext 1

Popped into Tutto Caffè one recent morning for liquid and solid fuel.

Tutto Caffè is an unassuming little coffeeshop in downtown Baldwin Park. It’s set up as a sort of gathering space to sit and sip, read or work, perhaps at the stone-topped counter in the center of the room.

I was taking a day off from work and was wandering the neighborhood with my dog. I tied Toby to one of the outside tables and went inside to order, all the while keeping an eye on Tobe, who’s still very much a puppy and not used to being tied up outside of strange places.

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Se7en Bites Owners Plan Downtown Restaurant Under New Liquor Law Exemption

PropstsSe7en Bites


Trina Propst and her wife, Va, owners of Se7en Bites, the popular bakery on Primrose Avenue, are planning a new Italian restaurant called Sette. Trina Propst said the restaurant will have a “rustic flair” and serve authentic cuisine. “If your mother was Italian,” she said, “these are the dishes she would feed you even if you just ate.”

That’s exciting news all by itself, but the really interesting thing is that the Propsts plan to open the restaurant in downtown Orlando and be the first new business to take advantage of the liquor law exemption passed by the Florida legislature earlier this year.


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Fiorenzo at the Hyatt Regency Orlando to Close for Makeover

Fio Dining Room Looking Out

There are some big changes planned for the Hyatt Regency Orlando (formerly the Peabody Orlando) beginning with a full redo of Fiorenzo Italian Steakhouse. The first thing to go in the renovation is the Italian Steakhouse part. It’ll still be called Fiorenzo when it reemerges, probably in March, but the focus will be more on traditional Italian cuisine and less on steaks and chops.

In addition, the restaurant, which has been open only for dinner, will serve breakfast and lunch, as well. The reason, said spokeswoman Katie Satava, is that the popular B-Line Diner fills up quickly during the morning rush hours and guests are currently directed to Urban Tide, which is on the other side of the resort. Fiorenzo is much closer to B-Line, so guests not wanting to wait will have a nearby option.


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Other Stuff

What’s the Best Italian Restaurant in Central Florida?

Terralina clams

There was a time when a restaurant would boil up some pasta, toss on some meat rolled into a ball, douse it all with tomato sauce and call it Italian.

My how things have changed.

Now you can find more nuanced Italian food inspired by the many regions of the country: Ligurian, Neapolitan, Tuscan, Sicilian. And so much of it is so very good. So let’s find the restaurant most deserving to receive the Foodster Award for Best Italian.

Here are the nominees:

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Bullet Point Buffet: Bubbly Fermentation

hubblybubbly wall

Bits and Tids for you to chew upon.

  • The prototype Hubbly Bubbly, which opened on Edgewater Drive in 2013, has closed to make way for a Foxtail Coffee. Foxtail, apparently, is trying to out Starbucks Starbucks. With the falafelrie’s College Park closing, Hubbly Bubbly now has a grand total of one location, in downtown Orlando.
  • Jillian Ross, who is called the Ferment Lady, and it doesn’t seem to bother her, will teach the Basics of Fermentation at Bok Tower Gardens Saturday, Oct. 13., from 1-3 p.m. That’s hardly enough time for half sours to pickle, but I’m sure she’ll have good ideas to share (bok choy would be an appropriate topic). Tickets here.

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