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Whopper Holder from Burger King Allows Hands-Free Chomping (yes, it’s a real thing)

Written By Scott Joseph On May 31, 2013


It no longer takes two hands to handle a Whopper. In fact, it takes no hands.

Remember from a few years ago the burger scented cologne, presented in a slightly disturbing video that featured a hunky topless male model wearing the enlarged king mascot head? It still haunts me.

There’s another video to go with this product launch, too. The device is reminiscent of a harmonica holder but with a cup to place the burger instead of a musical instrument. It’s worn about the neck by anyone who isn’t afraid of looking ridiculous or extremely lazy. The Whopper Holder is apparently a real thing that you can buy, but I have to think the marketing team has more tongue in its collective cheek than all beef patty.

What do you think? Would you wear a Whopper Holder?

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