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What’s in a Name?

Written By Scott Joseph On February 29, 2012



I’m pretty sure this Senor Frog’s is not owned by the same people who opened one recently on International Drive.

Spotted a couple of name changes along Curry Ford Road recently. Well, one is a name change — the other will be a name change very soon, once a corporate-owned restaurant group gets wind of it.


Amalfi, which has been a known name in Central Florida for a couple of years, now has a banner over the front door that reads “Dolce Vita.” The space, at 2901 Curry Ford, Road, in a small office complex, is empty. A hand-written note on the front door says it is closed for painting and remodeling. This was a a relocation for a restaurant that used to be on Chickasaw Trail, where it had a loyal following.


When it moved to Curry Ford Road, Amalfi became infinitely more casual — almost like a deli atmosphere, though the food was still good. But I really missed the atmosphere of the old place. I’m sure they never used them, but I always felt like the tables should have Chianti bottles with dripping candles on them. I’ll let you know when I know more about the new place.


A couple of blocks away is a space that used to be a restaurant then became, among other things, one of those junky looking thrift shops. Now it’s to be a restaurant again, but I doubt that it will open under the name that is one its sign: Senor Frog’s. You’ll recall that I told you about the Senor Frog’s that opened recently on International Drive. It’s owned by Mexico based Grupo Anderson. I feel fairly certain that Grupo Anderson is not involved in the restaurant on Curry Ford Road. For one thing, it does not look like a place that would cater to (or attract) boozing young people. So I feel sorry for the people who are working diligently to remodel the space and get their new restaurant open, but it’s very likely they will have to put their paint brushes down to deal with a “cease and desist” order from a company in Mexico very soon. Or, take one of those paint brushes to the sign with a new name. Best to have the new one cleared by a lawyer. Or at least to a Google search to see if it’s taken.


The space for the Not Senor Frog’s, which is near the corner of Bumby Avenue on Curry Ford Road, was once a Latin American restaurant called International Cafe. The owners of that restaurant moved to a space near Orlando Regional Medical Center (now Orlando Health) years ago. I show there is a restaurant with that name still, on Susanday Drive. So that name isn’t available either. Sorry.



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