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We Have a Winner for Best Cocktails Foodster

Written By Scott Joseph On January 27, 2017

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Homecoming Wins Best Cocktails Foodster Award
Homecoming cocktailThe 2017 Best Cocktails Foodster Award goes to Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming at Disney Springs. The “Southern Shine” restaurant has a quenchingly tantalizing list of creative craft cocktails, including Apple Pie a la Mode, Muleshine, and Moonshine Mash.

Second place is awarded to the Imperial at Washburn Imports in Sanford. Downtown Orlando’s Stubborn Mule is third.

Scott Joseph’s Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants celebrate Central Florida’s finest. The Foodster Awards are open to all restaurants and foodservice businesses with three or fewer locations. Chain brands are not eligible.

The Foodster Awards are an ongoing program. Categories currently open to voting are:

The winner of the Best Burger Foodster was announced previously.

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On the second visit, middle of the week, there were dozens of open seats, but the hostess said I would have to wait a while because there were only two waiters on that evening and if she were to seat me I might not be greeted right away. So, the logic was, stand here and wait instead of being seated and wait. Nope.


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