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U & Me Chinese & Sushi

Written By Scott Joseph On August 11, 2020

UandMe rice box

There are few foods more classically suited for takeout than Chinese. Before there was a proliferation of foam clamshell boxes and plastic containers, there was the folded paperboard box with wire handle that became synonymous with Chinese takeout. So much so that even today the emoji for takeout food is that little box.

So let’s do Chinese takeout.

I went online and found the menu for U & Me, a Chinese restaurant that also does sushi in the area of Kirkman and Conroy Roads. Actually, I found a few menus at a different websites, and with different prices, but I’ll give you the link to the best one below.

I’m a sucker for egg foo young, and I haven’t seen it on a menu in a while, so I knew that would be my entree choice. My companion chose the Triple Delight from the list of house specialites, and we also got some steamed dumplings and pan-fried pork buns to share.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

UandMe trio

The triumvirate of the triple delight were beef, chicken and shrimp, all melanged with baby corn, water chestnuts, mushrooms and various vegetables, including broccoli, zucchini, carrots and sugar snap peas. It was all glazed in a thick sauce with a nice umami note.

UandMe foo

My foo young, with pork, was sufficiently eggy and accompanied by a container of gravy to pour over the top.

UandMe dumpling

The steamed dumplings were big and fat and filled with a seasoned pork mixture. A container of soy based dipping sauce was included, but the takeout sack also had several soy packets, which we gladly used.

UandMe buns

Only the pan-fried pork buns disappointed. They were much too dry.

The pickup process did not go as smoothly as I would have liked. While the ordering process was good – though not all menu items have descriptions – I discovered upon checkout that I was unable to pay for the order in advance.

UandMe ext

So I called the restaurant directly, told them I had just placed an order online and that I’d like to add a tip and pay for the order in advance. I also specified that I wanted curbside pickup and the gentleman on the phone said fine.

But when I arrived at the restaurant and called, I was told curbside pickup was not available. But I also didn’t have to go into the restaurant. Instead, a plexiglass passthrough had been set up in the doorway. And when I took my sack, the fellow on the other side of the glass tried to get me to sign the charge slip. Wanting to remain contactless, I told him I had authorized the charge on the phone.

The food was all still hot when I arrived home. Most of it was packaged in latter day takeout containers of foam and plastic. But at least the rice was served in the familiar folded paper box.

U & Me Chinese & Sushi Bar is at 4646 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando. It is open for lunch and dinner daily. The phone number is 407-522-2300.

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