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Recent Reviews and the winner of the Best Dessert Foodster

Written By Scott Joseph On March 15, 2018

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News from the Flog  

Recent Restaurant Reviews

Big Fin Seafood Kitchen

Big Fin dining room

Things have changed at Big Fin Seafood Kitchen. Then again, not so much.

What has changed is that Bobby Moore, the original owner of the restaurant in Dellagio Town Center, has retired and turned over ownership to a group that includes James Slattery, who has been the executive chef since Big Fin opened in late 2009. And because Slattery remains in the role of chef, what hasn’t changed is the quality of the food. It’s still first rate with some of the best seafood in Central Florida.

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Truck Stop Pop-up Kitchen

Truck Stop exterior

In the early days of the nation’s interstate system, as people set out on long road trips, it became a popular notion that if you wanted to find good food on your journey you need only look for the cafes with the most trucks parked outside. Whether it was true or not, travelers assumed that truckers knew where to find the best food. (In that regard, they were the precursors to present day Yelpers.)

You won’t find a lot of trucks parked outside Truck Stop Pop-up Kitchen, maybe one at the most. For one thing, the narrow streets of Thornton Park aren’t suited for 18-wheelers. Also, the concept for this new restaurant is that on most evenings the kitchen is taken over by the operators of a local food truck, giving them the opportunity to cook in a kitchen not supported by rubber wheels and to have their food presented by servers to people sitting at actual tables.


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Downtown Dining Liquor Exemption Bill Passes

Downtown Restaurant Area Map

The Florida legislature on Thursday passed HB1447 enabling the establishment of a downtown dining district that will allow an exemption of current liquor law restrictions for smaller restaurants.

The exemption will allow restaurants with a minimum of 80 seats and at least 1,800 square feet to serve full liquor. Currently, restaurants must have the capacity to serve at least 150 customers at one time and occupy a space of at least 2,500 square feet to be able to serve full liquor, or purchase a license for approximately $300,000.


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Other Stuff

Best Dessert Foodsters Go to Sugarbuzz, David Ramirez Chocolates

Sugarbuzz logo

Sugarbuzz Dezert Company, a College Park baker established in 2014, is your choice for Best Desserts in our Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants. David Ramirez Chocolates was second and, just three votes behind, K Restaurant was third.

Sugarbuzz is owned by Ron James, who made a career change after more than 30 years in a managerial office job. According to the description on the Sugarbuzz webpage, “Every delicious Dezert we create is made from mostly from scratch. We offer homemade simplicity in our classic cheesecakes, cookies, pies, cakes and other goodies”

David Ramirez Chocolates, of course, specializes in fine candies and macarons as well as elaborate chocolate and confectionary sculptures.

And K Restaurant has been gaining a reputation as having wonderful desserts, created by Michelle Hulbert, as well as fine food.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to you, too, for your votes.

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Vote Now – Best Outdoor Dining


The restaurants listed here are the finalists for the Best Outdoor Dining Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants.

To vote for your favorite, check the box next to it and the press the Vote button. You may vote for only one restaurant one time.

After you vote, leave a comment below telling us which restaurant you voted for and why. We may use your comment when the winners are announced on April 19.

Click here to see the list of finalists.

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