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Recent Reviews and Restaurant News

Written By Scott Joseph On June 18, 2020

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Recent Reviews

Nikki’s Place Southern Cuisine

nikkistogo ox wide

I got takeout recently from the wonderful Nikki’s Place, the southern restaurant on Carter Street, and came to the conclusion that Nikki either needs to decrease the portion sizes or get sturdier takeout containers.

I vote for the latter.

I ordered three meals for curbside pickup because I couldn’t decide on just two. I pulled up to the restaurant and before I could put the car in park someone, properly masked, was coming out the front door with my food in a plastic sack. She placed it in my trunk and I was on my way.

But when I got home, I discovered that the weight of the two dinners on top had crushed the foam clamshell container on the bottom, such was the heft of the food inside. A little gravy had spilled out from the crushed box, but most of it was still intact.

And there was no detriment to the quality of the food, which is as first rate as ever.

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DaJen Eats

Dajen ext

I had been wanting to try DaJen Eats for a while and now seemed like the appropriate time.

DaJen is a Jamaican tinged vegan cafe in Eatonville, owned and operated by Jenn Ross, an ebullient and enthusiastic proponent of a vegan lifestyle and an irie outlook.

Irie, pronounced EYE-ree, is a word in Rastafarian and Jamaican dialect that means nice or pleasant. With that being the case, everything at DaJen Eats is perfectly irie.

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Kiwi’s Temporarily Closes After Learning of Virus Exposure

Kiwi exterior

Note: This article has been updated to include new information from the owner.

Kiwi’s Pub & Grill, a popular Altamonte Springs restaurant, voluntarily closed Friday after its owner learned that as many as six people infected with COVID-19 had been inside the establishment within the previous week.


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Earl Finalizes Purchase of Brio and Bravo Brands

Earl Enterprises

Robert Earl and his company Earl Enterprises finalized Wednesday the purchase of 45 Brio and Bravo restaurants. The Italian brands were assets in the bankruptcy of Orlando based FoodFirst Global Restaurants.

Earl said that he’d wanted to purchase the restaurants for a long time.

“I was a big customer of both,” Earl said by phone Thursday from his home in Windermere. “Back in 2018, [I] started to buy their stock [and] had it in mind to make a bid for them,” he said. “And before we had the opportunity, someone made a very large bid for it.”

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Other Stuff

Best Takeout 2020

Best Takeout 2020 Platinum

The readers of Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide overwhelmingly voted Tornatore’s Cafe & Pizzeria for Best Takeout 2020 in our Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants.


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Bullet Point Buffet: Edibles and Drinkables


Edible cover

I know you come here because you are a fan of good food. So I know you’re also a fan of Edible Orlando, the quarterly publication that showcases the incredible culinary scene of Central Florida. My friends, publisher Kendra Lott and editors Katie Farmand and Pam Brandon, are asking for some help to “keep the presses going” for the August issue. A GoFundMe page has been set up for donations and I encourage you to give what you can. As you know, Edible Orlando is distributed free but has a wealth of valuable information in each issue. The beautifully written stories and gorgeous photography help demonstrate that Orlando’s food purveyors and restaurant professionals are worthy of national attention. I consider Edible Orlando an essential service.

Click Read More to see more bullet points.

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Join Scott in New York in December

NYC iceskating copy

I try to get to New York a few times a year, but always – always – in December. The city is magical during the holidays, with all the lights, decorations and of course the fabulous food.

I want to show it to you.

Join Art In Voyage and me as your host as we explore New York City’s many foodie experiences this December. Perfect for some last minute shopping or to get inspired for your holidays meals, this 4 night/5 day escape includes:

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