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Written By Scott Joseph On December 19, 2019

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Tori Tori Pub

Toritori exterior

At first glance, it’s hard to tell whether Tori Tori wants to be a restaurant or a bar that serves food.

Its name, which, roughly translated, is Japanese for Poultry Poultry or Chicken Chicken, would suggest the former. Its mien, however, is more of a cocktail lounge, with a large bar that dominates the sizable space and a few booths that ring the perimeter of the room. Even for those who choose to sit at a table – or can find an empty seat at one – there is no table service; orders for food and drinks must be placed with a bartender; food runners deliver the orders.

And there seem to be more drink options on the small booklet-size menu than food, which is all small plates (and presented in small print for that matter). There’s even a section of the menu labeled Bar Food.

But none of this is “bar food.” Each dish is thoughtfully conceived and expertly executed.

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Bagel Bruno

Bagel Bruno exterior

There are some who say that bagels are a site specific food, that only New York bagel bakers can do the round dough justice.

As it happens, as I type this, I am in New York and have a bagel here with me now, a toasted sesame slathered with cream cheese that I got from a bodega on the corner of 2nd Avenue in the East Village.

Amd I mss say, thuhs smmthng abt eetubbg a bgel in Nw Yor.

Excuse me, what? Oh, I said, “And I must say, there’s something about eating a bagel in New York.” And yes, my mother did teach me not to type with my mouth full.

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Other Stuff

Best Restaurant Overall 2019

Best Overall Image

Here are the nominees for the 2019 Best Restaurant Overall Foodster Award. The finalists were chosen by SJO staff based on their exceptional food and service. 

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Best New Restaurant 2019

Best New Plaque image

Here are the nominees for the 2019 Best New Restaurant Foodster Award. To be eligible, restaurants must have opened within the past 18 months and must not have more than three locations – Foodster Awards are for independent restaurants; chains are not considered.


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Join Scott in Tuscany – 1 Room Left

Tuscany one room

I like giving gifts for the holidays and I’m always careful to choose one for myself. I figure I’m worth it. If you’re the same way, I have just the thing for you: a trip to Tuscany.

Art In Voyage – Beyond Travel’s Food Secrets of Tuscany trip that I’m hosting next year is almost sold out. Only one room remains. Why not give it to yourself and come along?


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Holiday Dining: Restaurants Open on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve

christmas table

As always, Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide is compiling lists for holiday dining, including Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Follow the links to each page to find what the restaurants are offering.


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