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Recent Reviews and Restaurant News

Written By Scott Joseph On August 15, 2019

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News from the Flog  

Recent Restaurant Reviews


Kadence Painting

I would say that Kadence is one of the best restaurants in Central Florida but I’m not sure that it is. A restaurant, I mean.

Sure, it meets most of the criteria: It prepares and serves food for which customers pay; beverages are available; full service is provided.

But those components are applied in such a way as to produce something unique.

For starters, you don’t so much as make a reservation to dine here as you do buy a ticket. You essentially pay for your meal in advance and your purchase is nonrefundable, just as it would be if you were buying a ticket to a performance, which in a way you are. The policy helps to cut down on the number of no-shows and lessens the pain if a booked seat goes empty.

Because there are only nine seats in the place.

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903 Mills Market

903 front

I first wrote about 903 Mills Market in 2003 when original owners Jim Ellis and Nick Massoni took over what had previously been known as Max’s Market and made it a Lake Davis neighborhood hangout.

Since then, I’ve conservatively driven past the corner cafe more than 2000 times — I live nearby, but given the vagaries of a restaurant critic’s life, casual, nonprofessional meals are something of a rarity.

But on a recent Sunday morning, not wanting to make breakfast or drive far away, I grabbed the other half and the dog (the other quarter?) and we took a stroll to the corner of Mills Avenue and Gore Street.

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Other Stuff

Bullet Point Buffet: Opening, Closings, Other Stuff

Mx Taco collage

  • Ryan Manning, chef and owner of MX Taco in the Milk District, is already planning the popular taqueria’s second location. He plans to take over the Waterford Lakes space previously occupied by Le Crave. He’s looking to open by Sept. 16, which is Mexican Independence Day.
  • Oh, Le Crave has closed. It was a French restaurant, apparently
  • Look for a new concept to move into the space on Lake Ivanhoe previously occupied by Mesa 21. Faiyaz Kara of the Orlando Weekly reports that the owners of Local Butcher & Market and the Porch, both on Orange Avenue in Winter Park, will open Russell’s on Ivanhoe. The lakefront park at one time was known as Russell’s Point; I wonder if there’s a connection.
  • Oh, Mesa 21 has closed. Its demise has been foretold for months, and I know lots of local restaurateurs had considered taking over the space before choosing someplace else. Surprising, because it’s arguably one of Orlando’s best restaurant settings, even with the I-4 Construction Without End across the water.

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Best Seafood Foodster Award Finalists


Here are your finalists for the 2019 Best Seafood Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants. You may choose just one favorite. Click the circle next to its name then click VOTE at the bottom of the list.

Note: No votes were carried over from the nominating phase. All finalists start with zero votes, so even if you voted for your favorite as a nominee, you must vote again in the finals.

After you’ve made your selection, leave a comment mentioning the name of the restaurant you voted for, telling us why you think it’s the best. We may use your comment when the winner is announced. (Be sure to say who you’re commenting about because we can’t see who you voted for.)

Voting will continue through Aug. 29.

Click Read More to see the finalists and to place your vote:

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Tasting Notes: 2014 Mad Violets Mantis Reserve Pinot Noir

Mad Violets label

Tasting Notes for 2014 Mad Violets Mantis Reserve Pinot Noir.

Mad Violets was started by Sterling Fox and Kelly Kidneigh in Oregon. They are a family team, Sterling grows the grapes, and Kelly makes the wine. They have created these wines that are so illustrious of Oregon. They created Mantis reserve using their favorite barrels from vintage selection and bled them together. 2014 was a six barrel blend, and those six barrels came from two vineyard sites. They used Buttonfield vineyard Pinot Noir (which is one they own) and Trout Lilly Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir. All Pinot Noir used in the blends are two types of clones the first being Pommard clones, and the second being 777 clones. The wine is blended and made to age.

How I have been taught to taste wine is as follows:

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