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Recent Reviews and Easter Dining Options

Written By Scott Joseph On March 22, 2018

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Lots of Easter Dining Options at Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando (No Foolin’)


Hard Rock Hotel The Kitchen dining

Easter is April 1 this year. No, really. I’m predicting people are going to be finding some really weird stuff in the plastic eggs they hunt down.

But only the truly foolish would wait any longer to make dining plans for Easter Sunday. I know you’re smarter than that, so you’d better get moving. (You thought I was going to say you’d better get hopping, didn’t you? Well, some things are just beneath me.)

The restaurants at the various Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando have some pretty nice options, as they do most holidays. And they’re really gorgeous properties. Even if you’re a local, it’s fun to visit the Loews resorts and pretend you’re on vacation. 

Here are some of the highlights for your Easter Sunday dining.

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Recent Restaurant Reviews

Southern Spice

Southern Spice gobi

When I wrote about Chutneys, an Indian restaurant in Bay Hill Plaza on Turkey Lake Road, I lamented the loss of Memories of India, which used to be in the same plaza. Chutneys, I said in my 2016 review, was OK, but it was not Memories of India.

Well, you might say that Southern Spice, the restaurant that has taken over Chutneys’ space, has brought back good memories.

I shouldn’t have been surprised. Southern Spice is from the same owner, Sunny Corda, as Mynt, the Indian restaurant in Winter Park’s Hannibal Square, and Rasa, the Asian street food restaurant just down Restaurant Row. Mynt offers an inventive style of Indian food, but Southern Spice stays more traditional, featuring foods of South India (mostly), and presents a few items that might be unfamiliar to you if your only experience with Indian cuisine is from Central Florida restaurants.

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Supper Club Redux: Pharmacy

Pharmacysc menu

We had a wonderful pop-up Supper Club at the Pharmacy the other evening. I’d say that I wish you had been there but I don’t know where we would have put you — there wasn’t a seat available at the table.

I probably should have capitalized The Table, because that’s the space where the dinner was held. It wasn’t the same big table from the old venue but rather an expandable version that allowed us to invite more people.

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Bullet Point Buffet

Spice patio

A smorgasbord of bits and tids.

  • An Italian restaurant called Tre Bambine is slated to move into the space vacated last year by Spice Modern (also formerly the Lake Eola Yacht Club). The restaurant has one of the most alluring outdoor patios, at top (and almost certainly would have been a contender in our current Best Outdoor Dining Foodster Award category). Orlando Weekly’s Faiyaz Kara says the restaurant will feature Italian street food. I’m hoping for a trippa panino. Too soon to even think about an opening date.

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Other Stuff

Only 1 Room Left for Our June Trip to France

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