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Recent Reviews and a Morning Supper Club

Written By Scott Joseph On July 12, 2018

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News from the Flog  

Next Supper Club for the Brunch Bunch
Sunday Brunch
 Here’s a little twist: Our next Supper Club will meet for brunch. We’ll convene at Ravenous Pig on Sunday, Aug. 5, for a multi-course day-starter experience with pairings. Please clear any other meal meetings you may have scheduled for that day.
August 5 also happens to be National Oyster Day (as if I’m telling you something you didn’t already know), so chef-owners James and Julie Petrakis and their crew plan to start us off with a bivalve salute. From there we’ll enjoy a Southernized version of Eggs Benedict, Chicken & Waffles, and finish off with the Pig’s well-known Cinnamon Rolls.
Full information, including the menu, pricing and how to buy tickets, will be published on the site in the next day or two, so be sure to keep an eye out for it.
Recent Restaurant Reviews

Eastside Asian Market

Eastside Asian exterior

There’s an interesting little Asian market on the East side. It’s called Eastside Asian Market.

What makes it more interesting is that along with the aisles and shelves of specialty foods and dry goods that you won’t find in your basic Publix, a corner of the store is dedicated to small cafe with an exclusively vegetarian menu. In fact, a note at the top of the menu board next to the kitchen reads, “Everything is vegetarian. Deal with it.”

There isn’t a whole lot to deal with. The menu is succinct and the food is good.

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Curry Mantra

Curry Mantra ext

The young man who greeted us and showed us to the lunch buffet at Curry Mantra, a new Indian restaurant, seemed genuinely interested in making sure my lunch guest and I were pleased with the food.

Unfortunately, we weren’t. With the exception of a spicy lentil soup, everything was quite modest and mundane. And even worse, much of it was tepid or, like the mixed pakora, downright cold.

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Other Stuff

Paris Day 4: A Side Trip to the Champagne Region and Dinner at a Paris Favorite

Paris4 Cattier inspection

ÉPERNAY, FRANCE — Day 4: A trip to Epernay and the Champagne region, and a return to my favorite restaurant in Paris.

Big day today. We’re picked up in front of the hotel for a trip to Champagne region, a 90-minute drive that stretches to two hours because of heavy traffic. (Taking the train from Paris is easy and a joy, but France is currently experiencing rail strikes — some scheduled and some improvised — so our able leader Mikael arranged a comfortable van.

Our guide for the day is Clemence, a wine expert who will shepherd us from door to door.

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Lyon Day 1: Silkworms and Gamey Meats

Lyon1 sud

Note: This is one of a series of articles about Art in Voyage — Beyond Travel’s tour of Paris and Lyon, co-hosted by Scott Joseph with Kevin Fonzo. Previous articles include A Food Adventure in France Begins, Paris Day 2, Paris Day 3 and Paris Day 4.

LYON, FRANCE — Because of the unpredictability of the French rail strikers, we traveled from Paris to Lyon in a van. It was comfortable, and it’s always nice to have door-to-door service, but what would have been an hour and a half trip on the TGV was a four-hour journey by highway.

We arrived later than we had anticipated and headed to our lunch reservation at Le Sud, or the South, one of the Paul Bocuse brasseries (there’s one for every direction). The last time I dined here, circa ’95, it had just opened.

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4 Rivers’ Founder Plants 4Roots Initiative with Orange County Schools

EHS 3D no Farmlettes Close Up

Scott is currently in Russia on assignment. Wish we could tell you more but it’s all very secret. It has something to do with video production and asparagus. Very hush-hush. We probably shouldn’t have told you that. Don’t mention it to anyone. Before he left, he guest authored this article for Edible Orlando about a new initiative called 4Roots that is being spearheaded by 4 Rivers Smokehouse founder John Rivers. The program has many facets but its main purpose is to get school kids interested in agriculture and food production. Like growing asparagus. Not that we know anything about that. Here’s the beginning of the article with a link to the full story at Edible.

4Roots Farm and Agricultural Center gets fresh produce into public schools—and jump-starts a much bigger idea

by Scott Joseph

When he opened the third location of his burgeoning barbecue brand, in 2011 in Longwood, John Rivers looked at the cash register at the ordering counter and said that it was his least favorite place in the restaurant.

It’s not that he was intimidated by the technology or that the business side of the restaurant flummoxed him. On the contrary, before he began his path to becoming the area’s smoked meats mogul, Rivers had a successful career in the world of business, including as president of CuraScript Specialty Distribution, managing a $1.4 billion pharmaceutical operation, and as director of the strategic business group for Johnson & Johnson, Cordis Division.

He is not intimidated by money.

Link to the full story at Edible Orlando

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