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Recent Restaurant Reviews

Written By Scott Joseph On March 23, 2017

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Recent Restaurant Reviews

Millenia 106

Millenia106 exterior

Suite 106 may have finally found the sweet spot.

I’m referring to the business address in the strip of buildings at 4104 Millenia Blvd., at the corner of Conroy Road in front of the Mall at Millenia.

This same address has been home to short-lived concepts, such as Pasha, an unpassionate Mediterranean restaurant, and Figueira, a “Brazilian Grille & Pizza Bar” where the food was sold by weight (what could go wrong?).


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Omelet Bar

Omelet Bar exterior

I’m sitting at Omelet Bar, a new restaurant across from the main UCF campus that specializes in breakfast and lunch. Or as its tagline says, “Breakfast. Munch. Lunch.” Those of you who associate the urge to munch with late night will be disappointed to know that OB is open only until 2:30 p.m. every day, so you’ll have to satisfy the munchie urge elsewhere.

And it’s not like the name implies other than morning meals, but the menu does feature more than carefully coagulated eggs. Once the lunch hour rolls around there’s an array of burgers, sandwiches and wraps from which to choose. And the early closing hour also doesn’t mean you can’t have a drink — everything from mimosas to bloodies to whiskey sours are yours for the sipping. (College proximity drives demand.)

An early morning appointment brought me to the east side of town, so I decided to stop in for breakfast.

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Slate interior

When Slate first opened, in 2015, I wasn’t much of a fan. It wasn’t that I couldn’t recommend the Restaurant Row newcomer, I just didn’t see any reason to.

All of the components seemed promising. The restaurant was the project of Atlanta’s Concentrics Restaurants, with several people involved with opening Luma on Park, though everyone was careful to point out there was no ownership connection; a decor by the Johnson Studio (now the Johnson Studio at Cooper Carry), which designed Prato (and more recently Luke’s Kitchen and Bar); and a charismatic and promising young chef, Dominic Rice, a Florida native who once worked at Luma on Park before adding some impressive New York restaurants to his resume and returning to Central Florida.


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Paddlefish exterior

Finally made it in to Paddlefish for a proper, sit-down dinner. I had visited previously for a media event, but that was a walkabout affair that served food but didn’t allow one to experience it as a restaurant. I’m happy to report that Paddlefish, with a culinary team led by chef Mark Boor, offers a very nice dining opportunity and is a good addition to the growing list of Disney Springs venues.

Paddlefish, of course, is the reimagined Fulton’s Crab House (née Empress Lily), on the nonfloating structure made to resemble a vintage paddlewheel river boat.

It’s less vintage-y with the recent renovation, which gave it a modern look, both inside and out (though the frozen-in-place paddles remain).

This is a huge facility, but it features several smaller dining rooms that keep it from feeling like a large main feeding room on a cruise ship.

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