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Written By Scott Joseph On March 1, 2018

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The Edison

Edison Tower

The Edison is one of the new Disney Springs venues from the folks at Patina Restaurant Group (Morimoto Asia, Tutto Italia). It’s a multilevel fun factory of a restaurant with good food to go with the entertaining decor.

Thomas Alva is the Edison of the name, of course, and there are homages to his inventions and patents everywhere. Indeed, the very design of the restaurant is an old power plant (electric power distribution, 1882) and lit with a soft glow from what are nostalgically referred to as Edison bulbs (incandescent lamps, 1879). Music plays in the background (phonograph, 1887) and old-timey black-and-white movies are displayed on various walls (motion picture camera, 1891).

Apparently he had something to do with inventing bacon, too, given its near ubiquitousness on the menu.

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El Buda Latin Asian Restaurant

Elbuda napkin

The word fusion is one of the most misused terms in culinarydom. More often than not, a restaurant will tout itself as a fusion restaurant when in fact all it does is offer two or more cuisines on the same menu. An Chinese restaurant, for example, might also offer some Thai dishes, or maybe a sushi selection. That might be considered diversification, but it isn’t fusion.

Fusion occurs when two or more items come together to form something different, something unique.

And as you might deduce from the name, it isn’t putting together similar Asian cuisines, though it does work with pan-Asian dishes, but rather a melding of Latino and Asian. The results are refreshingly distinct.

So you might have Chimichanga Eggrolls or Peking Duck Nachos. Or Congri Fried Rice. It’s inventive, and even better, most of it works.

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Steakhouse to Open in Former Park Plaza Gardens

PPG ext

A steakhouse concept from the owners of the 310 restaurants, will take over the Park Plaza Gardens space in Winter Park. Joanne McMahon of 310 said Tuesday, “It’s going to happen,” though they “haven’t quite finalized the name.” (Bovine is the working title.)


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Winter Park TR Fire Grill & Lounge has Closed

TR Fire Logo

TR Fire Grill & Lounge, the casual concept from Orlando based Romacorp, parent company of Tony Roma’s, has closed its Winter Park location. Sunday, Feb. 25, was the final day of operation.

This was the second location of the first TR Fire Grill. The first one opened in 2013 near Orlando International Airport. It closed there in 2015 and reopened at the corner of Lee Road and Orlando Avenue in Winter Park in February of 2016. In between, the company made vast improvements over the food and service and gained some loyal fans, but apparently not enough to overcome the increasing competition in that area.


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4 Rivers will Hold Fundraiser Sunday for Parkland Massacre Victims

4 Rivers Coral Springs

Winter Park based 4 Rivers Smokehouse, which has a closed-on-Sundays policy for all its restaurants, will open its Coral Springs location on Sunday, March 4, from noon to 4 p.m. It will donate 100 percent of its proceeds that day to the victims of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The school, in Parkland, is less than four miles from the 4 Rivers Smokehouse at 2660 N. University Drive, Coral Springs.


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Other Stuff

Who has the Best Outdoor Dining in Central Florida?

Waterfront patio

In case you haven’t noticed, the weather has been incredible lately. After a winter with two hard freezes, we’re ready to reemerge and start enjoying more typical Florida weather.

That means outdoor dining. So that’s our next category in our Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants.

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Pop Up Dinner at Pharmacy; A Supper Club for What Ails You

Pharmacy cocktail

It’s been a long time since we’ve gotten together and I think we’re all suffering from Supper Club deficiency. So here’s what I’m prescribing: a Scott Joseph Pop Up Dinner at Pharmacy.


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June Dates Announced for Trip to France

Paris spread 1

If you missed out on the April dates for our trip to France, take heart: New dates have been added for June.


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