Pop-Up Restaurant Coming Soon

Written By Scott Joseph On January 10, 2012

Get ready for the area’s first pop-up restaurant experience.


Don’t know what a pop-up restaurant is? Well, the definition depends on the person defining it. Some pop-ups use existing restaurant space but take it over for one or two nights a week. Sort of like the way you’ll see a church of one denomination share a sanctuary with the congregation of another faith.


Other pop-ups are created in spaces where you wouldn’t expect to find a restaurant — a warehouse, museum, parking garage or empty storefront, say. This is also sometimes referred to as a guerrilla restaurant, and its life is always limited. Sometimes it will run for a few weeks, sometimes just one night. Pop up, pop in, pop out.


Our pop-up is going to be more along the guerrilla lines. And it will be for one night only. Think of it as a restaurant version of “Brigadoon,” except that you don’t have to wait 100 years for it to appear. And there won’t be bagpipes. And no haggis. OK, it won’t be anything like “Brigadoon.”


This is how it will work. In the next week or so, I’ll announce the date and we’ll open up the ticket reservations channel. I’ll give you a general location — a few miles radius from a landmark, for example. The actual location will come no sooner than the day before the dining event. At that time, you’ll also get any other pertinent information, such as whether a hard hat is required or if wading boots are recommended. Just kidding, but only a little. I promise you the locations we have planned for you will be fun and unusual, and yet will oddly make sense.


Intrigued? I hope so. These are going to be the type of dinners that foodies will really enjoy. Of course, as with any restaurant, seating will be limited. Newsletter recipients will receive first notice. If you’re not signed up already, you can do so at this link.


Be watching for more details soon.



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