Pie-Fection Offers Free Pizza with 4Rivers Smokehouse Brisket to SJO Readers

Written By Scott Joseph On February 28, 2011

Pie-PectionPie-Fection, a new pizzeria restaurant on Kirkman Road in Orlando, is developing a pizza that will feature the beef brisket of 4Rivers Smokehouse. Pie-Fection, which opened in April, is owned by recent college graduates and life-long Orlando residents Luke Fernbach and Jonathon Diaz. 4Rivers, of course, is the wildly popular barbecue restaurant in Winter Park (and soon elsewhere).

Fernbach and Diaz decided to open the pizzeria when they reached graduation and faced a jobless market. The concept of Pie-Fection is that guests pick and choose from among various crusts, sauces and toppings and watch as their custom pizza is assembled and cooked. The menu also features a variety of pizzas with preordained ingredients. That’s where the brisket pizza comes in.

The brisket is arguably 4Rivers’ most sought-after menu item, so Fernbach and Diaz came up with the idea to feature it on a pizza and obtained the blessing of 4Rivers owner John Rivers. The pizza being developed will also feature the restaurant’s barbecue sauce.

I say being developed because, despite a plan to launch it on the menu Friday, March 4, the final mix of crust, sauce and toppings has not quite been set in stone. And, of course, the Fernbach and Diaz want it to be, you know, pie-fect. They’ve narrowed it down to three versions.

That’s where you come in. Pie-Fection is offering readers of Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide free samples of the 4Rivers brisket pizzas on Tuesday, March 1, from 6 to 9 p.m. All you have to do is visit the pizzeria at 3120 S. Kirkman Road, Orlando, and say you’re a reader of ScottJosephOrlando.com. (It is not necessary to wink or tug your left ear lobe but you may do so if you wish.) You’ll be given the samples and asked to vote for the pizza you prefer. The most popular version will be the one that launches on Friday.

Now, I have not yet been to Pie-Fection myself, so, as yet, I’m not making an endorsement. But the P-F owners know that my readers have discerning tastes (and I know we all love free food) so I’m happy to pass this along to you. And don’t confine your vote to the pizzeria — please come back and leave your thoughts and comments below.

Here’s a link to the Pie-Fection Web site for more information on the pizzeria.


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