Nominees for 2023 Best Burger Foodster Award

Written By Scott Joseph On August 7, 2023

White Wolf Burger

It’s time to choose the 2023 Best Burger Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants. Below are the semifinalists. During the nomination phase, you may vote for up to three restaurants. You may also enter a write-in candidate, which is subject to approval – only independent restaurants, defined as having three or fewer locations, are eligible.

After you vote, leave a comment below telling us who your nominated and why. We may use your comments when the winners are announced.

Nominations will be accepted until 7 a.m. Monday, Aug. 14. The finalists will be announced later that day.

Best Burger 2023 Foodster Award Nominees

Here are the nominees for the 2023 Best Burger Foodster Award for Independent Restaurants.

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