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Newsy Nuggets: Noodling edition

Written By Scott Joseph On August 4, 2023

zaru logo ai 01

Next up from the prolific restaurateur brother-and-brother team of Jimmy Tung and Johnny Tung (Bento et al.) is Zaru, a handmade Japanese udon shop. (I think that’s supposed to mean that the noodles are handmade, not the shop, but then again someone has to make the shop, too.) It will be next to Tien Hung Market at 1114 E. Colonial Drive in the Mills 50 District and will feature an open kitchen where diners can watch hands making noodles. Small at only 25 seats, Zaru, which is named for the shallow bamboo basket used in the preparation of udon noodles, is expected to open next month.

South Steel SJO March AD copy

Speaking of noodles, Pom Moongauklang, owner of Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria in the Milk District, has nixed the cold noodle concept she previously announced. In March, Moongauklang said that people had stopped eating sandwiches at night, so she would switch out the sandwich board for cold noodle dishes that are popular in many large cities but scarce in Central Florida. But following a hue and cry from regulars who disputed Moongauklang’s claim that no one was eating sandwiches at night, she relented. Sandwiches back in, cold noodles out. “I am sure they wish I had cold refreshing noodles now,” she said in a text message, “it’s so hot out..lol.”

If pronounced properly, Hue & Cry would be a good name for a cold noodle restaurant.

Watch for an announcement of a new sushi bar in downtown. ‘sall I can say right now.

Grafton Street Pub, an Irish bar and restaurant, has opened in Lake Mary in what used to be an Applebee’s, so perhaps it’s true that sometimes there’s God, as John Mellencamp sang. Grafton Street Pub is from the owners of the late Liam Fitzpatrick’s, another Irish pub that opened in 2008 and closed several months ago. (God again.) Within Grafton Street Pub there is apparently a speakeasy called Crown Alley, which may or may not be accessed through an old English-style phone booth. It’s a little unclear, but that’s the nature of speakeasys (speakseasy?).

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