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Newsy Nuggets: FK, F&D, Big Taco and the 808 over and out

Written By Scott Joseph On October 6, 2023

FK Your Diet, the unfortunately named restaurant in the SoSoDo District, has changed hands and the new name is Crazy Coconut. So much better.

FK – the initials stood for Foster Kids – opened three years ago, a Central Florida location for a Fort Myers/Cape Coral entity serving breakfast and lunch.

Not much has changed beyond the name. The new owners bought all the recipes and, according to a man who answered the phone (the number pulled from the FK Your Diet website) said that all the staff have stayed on. Switchover was about and month and a half ago.

Staying with the letter F… F&D Prime Modern Steakhouse has opened in Lake Mary. Originally known as F&D Kitchen, this location was the first in the F&D family, which now includes F&D Cantina and F&D Woodfired Italian Kitchen. This is meant to be a prime steakhouse, both in terms of USDA grade and price. Look for prime cuts in the fifty, sixty and seventy dollar range.

Brian Wheeler, who brought Central Floridas the successful Tijuana Flats and Tibby’s New Orleans Kitchen, is developing a new brand with his oldest son, Jake. Big Taco – so named because it’s Brian’s nickname – will open in November in Casselberry Commons, which may or may not be an oxymoron. The cuisine will be Tex-Mex, but presumably different from Tijuana Flats. ““Today’s Tex-Mex is overengineered with too many options,” said Jake in a statement. “We understand that many people are craving the simplicity of an ‘uncomplicated taco,’ so now they’ll have it – soon.”Big, simple tacos. Can’t wait.

Looks like the Hawaiian wave may be petering out. The 808, the Thornton Park Hawaiian themed restaurant and bar, is closed. Look for Jack and Honey’s, an upscale diner (another oxymoron?), to open in its place. Jason Lambert, owner of the Hammered Lamb, is partnering with one of 808’s original owners, Wendy O’Connor. The name comes from Lambert’s grandparents. Lambert and O’Connor would like to open the restaurant later this month, but people in Hell would like ice water, as my mother was always fond of telling me when I couldn’t have what I wanted. But we’ll see.

The 808, as you may know, was also home to Dexter’s of Thornton Park before that concept was sold and broken up. Only Dexter’s of Lake Mary remained, and now that’s gone too. So Central Florida is Dexter’sless for the first time in over 35 years

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