Newsy news about local restaurant scene

Written By Administrator On January 19, 2009

Sandra Pedicini recently replaced Mark Chediak as the Sentinel’s restaurants and retail industry reporter. Her column in today’s CFB is chockfull of newsy bits. It looks like Sandra is going to keep a close eye on the scene.

Notable notes from her collection of news nuggets include the renaming of Stromboli Pizzeria on Dr. Phillips Boulevard to Moretti’s, which will serve organic sauces and offer, among other things, a gluten-free pizza. When I announced in the Flog that Pizzeria Uno was testing a gluten-free pizza in one of its northern restaurants, it proved to be a popular search engine topic on the Web. No doubt Moretti’s gluten-free pizza will be a hit.Ron Schwartz, a partner in the operation of Park Plaza Gardens, is involved with Moretti’s. (Things are happening at PPG, too, and I’ll have news about that soon.)

Also in Sandra’s column: The return of Bruegger’s Bagels (not sure that’s a good thing), a new wine bar in downtown Orlando called Tastings, a sixth First Watch for the area, this one near UCF, and lots of other items.

Nice job, Sandra!

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