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Magic Kingdom Announces First Full-Time Pastry Chef

Written By Scott Joseph On September 21, 2012

Along with the announcement last week that the Be Our Guest restaurant that will open in November will offer alcoholic beverages to guests, another “first” for the Magic Kingdom was made public. For the first time since it opened, the theme park has its own, dedicated pastry chef.

Christi Frommling will oversee the pastries and other baking duties for the theme park’s culinary outlets. She’ll focus first, she told me at a tasting last week, on pastries and breads for Be Our Guest. Dessert service in the Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant will feature a specially designed pastry trolley that servers will wheel to diners’ tables. Walt Disney World pastry chef concept development Stefan Riemer made the announcement as he showed off the trolley, which he dubbed “the BMW of pastry carts.” The cart has glass windows that cover (and protect) the pastries inside. Guests can make a selection and have it plated right there. Hidden drawers and doors hold all the plates and flatware needed.

Desserts will feature cream puffs, cupcakes in peel-off wrappers rather than peel-down cups, and “grey stuff,” a sort of colorless mousse inspired by a lyric in the song from which the restaurant gets its name (“Try the grey stuff, it’s delicious!”). Guests might find the servers saying those words as they plop some of the stuff next to a cupcake as an added treat.

Speaking of that song, some of my tablemates and I were wondering how many times it will be played at the restaurant during the course of an evening. Our concern is for the cast members who will be subjected to it. But, we were told, the rest of the soundtrack will also play. You’ll have to decide if that’s a positive or not. {jcomments on}

Pastry CartPastry chef Stefan Riemer takes the specially designed pastry trolley for a test drive recently. Christi Frommling, the Magic Kingdom’s first dedicated pastry chef, looks on.

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