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How to Know if You Drink Too Much Coffee

Written By Administrator On December 12, 2008

Or that you’re just a little too involved with your iPhone. A new iPhone app called Coffee Buzz.

Liverpool, UK (PRWEB) December 11, 2008 — Coffee Buzz App helps users find and share the “Coffee Buzz” everyday. The app uses Google Maps to help you find coffee in nearby cafés, and tells you who’s having a coffee nearby. It also integrates seamlessly with Twitter, helping Twitter users add their location and thoughts to that timeless tweet “havin’ a coffee”.

Use Coffee Buzz to:

– say you’re “having a coffee” pinpointing you and your favorite drink in the hippest coffee neighborhoods;

– let those around you know ‘the buzz’ – what’s happenin’ where you are;

– find new coffee locations nearby or when traveling; and

– see old friends and new, drinking coffee near you.

Coffee Buzz is made by UK based Social Mobile consultancy Kisky Netmedia.

“We made Coffee Buzz because we love iPhone and we love coffee. We know loads of our friends microblog that they’re ‘having a coffee’ and we always wanted to know more. Coffee Buzz makes that possible; you can ‘tweet’ your favorite coffee from your favorite café; and share that ‘coffee social’ buzz!” explains Paul Stringer Coffee Buzz creator.

It’s not just for Twitter users, Coffee Buzz App will deliver up to date coffee information about other Coffee Buzz users worldwide for a global ‘buzz’. You can also use the app to find new cafés nearby; handy for when you’re traveling.

Coffee Buzz creators wanted to create a useful and good looking app. “Coffee Buzz is a social utility app with personality; we wanted the interface to be special so we even made the all the cups of coffee ourselves. There are currently 11 or so favorite coffee drinks; in the future though we may add more as our users request them!”

Coffee Buzz App will be on sale in the App Store for $3.99 / £2.39. It’s a fun social app that works well and looks great: all for the price of a cup of coffee. Coffee Buzz App can be fund via the App Store from Friday and via http://www.coffeebuzzapp.com.

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