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How to Endear Yourself to a Bartender

Written By Scott Joseph On December 31, 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve and a lot of us will find ourselves in a bar tonight. Where we find ourselves tomorrow morning is quite another thing. 

This article from Buzzfeed gives a visual list of things that bartenders would like us to do to make thier lives better. And it’s all about making the bartender’s life better, isn’t it?

Some of these points are common courtesy, such as not waving to get the bartender’s attention. A good bartender knows when he or she has someone new at the rail. Of course, the key words there are “good bartender.” Yesterday I went into a little neighborhood bar (I’m in Phoenix at the moment) and the barkeep was fussing with some customers at the other end. He didn’t have more than five people to deal with, but he was clearly frustrated. Three times — three! — he had to pass us as he rushed by to get a mixer or some other item from the kitchen behind the bar. Not once did he bother to say, “Welcome, folks, I’ll be right with you.” In fact, he seemed to be making a point of looking down or away to avoid acknowledging our presence.

Still, I didn’t feel the need to wave to get his attention; I just left.

What do you think of this list? And you bartenders, what’s missing? Please leave a comment below.

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