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Hey, Restaurant Owners: Here’s the Candidate You Should Be Supporting

Written By Scott Joseph On June 3, 2016

I voted stickerNo one.

I don’t mean to suggest that you shouldn’t have a preference for a candidate or that you shouldn’t participate in the election.

I’m only suggesting that you keep it to yourself.

Yes, you have a right to express your opinion and to place signs for candidates in front of your business and stickers in your window and at the checkout stand.

But why would you want to alienate a large segment of your clientele?

When you take sides in a political battle — especially one that is contentious as this year’s — you risk sending a message to the people who don’t share your views that they’re not welcome in your restaurant or that they may not be comfortable doing business with you.

That extends to social media, too.

Journalists, with the exception of columnists who freely write about their leanings, know from the beginning that they need to maintain neutrality in all things politics. That means no signs in front of their own homes and no contributions to political candidates. Do journalists have opinions about the candidates? Of course, but the only place they can express them is inside the polling booth. They can wear the sticker that says “I Voted,” but they may not say for whom.

If you own a restaurant — or any business — you should adopt the same policy. And you should insist that your employees refrain from bringing their political preferences into the workplace, too.

If a guest asks what you think about such-and-such candidate, simply say that you never talk politics at work. Then don’t.

And if you’re approached by a candidate’s representatives to allow one of the hopefuls to come into your restaurant and diner for a meet-and-greet photo op, say no.

Maybe you can suggest they try your closest competitor.

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