Happy New Year, and Thanks to the People Who Bring You the Flog All Year Long

Written By Scott Joseph On December 25, 2016

Since the beginning, I’ve referred to this site as a Flog, or food blog, as a sort of tongue in cheek reference to sometimes stark reality of criticism.

But to be honest, I cringe when someone calls the site a blog. 

That’s partly because of my own prejudice, I suppose. When I hear the word blog I immediately think of a hobby or something done as a sidebar to a regular job.

Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide is a full time operation. And as such, it takes a lot to keep it running. There are, of course, the costs involved with doing the research and reporting for the articles and reviews, also known as dining out and visiting restaurants. You know about such costs because you have them, too. My goal is to help you make more informed choices about where to dine so that your dollars are better spent.

But there are also the intangible costs of keeping a website up and running. Web “hosting,” software and maintenance also demand constant attention and, frankly, money. 

David Clow is the webmaster genius who does the constant tinkering and major overhauls under the hood of the site. He’s invaluable to me and to keeping things going.

So is Nicole Spooner. As the sole  authorized representative of advertising opportunities for Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide, Nicole coordinates with marketing reps and restaurant owners to offer them the best exposure here. Because ultimately it is the advertisers who make everything else possible.

And as you know if you’ve read my policy regarding advertisers, not everyone who who wants to advertise here is accepted. I turn down several requests every year — just ask Nicole! — because they don’t meet the requirements.

But that means the people whose banners you do see here are worthy of your attention. I hope you’ll take a look at them here. And the next time you visit one of the restaurants I hope you’ll mention that you saw them on Scott Joseph’s Orlando Restaurant Guide. It makes a difference.

And thanks to you for being loyal readers. Because if you weren’t here this would basically be an expensive hobby.

– Scott

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