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First of Oviedo’s Food Factory microrestaurants open Wednesday

Written By Scott Joseph On July 24, 2023

The Food Factory Oviedo exterior

The long-in-development project known as The Food Factory (Don’t Call It a Hall) Foodie Collective will finally see its first tenants softly open this week. The 1 Cantina, a second location of the critically acclaimed Avalon Park Mexican restaurant, and new concept The Local Hen will open their doors – mainly the garage type – to friends and family diners on Tuesday and to the public on Wednesday at 4 p.m. 

The businesses are being called microrestaurants because of their size and because each has its own self-contained kitchen, as well as seating within the space. The microrestaurants – micraunts? – which will eventually include second locations for Michelin-recommended Kai Asian Street Fare and Sodo District’s Buttercrust Pizza as well as newcomers Kurried and The Sharwarma Kompany, form three sides of a courtyard area with tables and chairs from which diners may order from any of the restaurants, just like in some food halls. (But for God’s sake, don’t call it a food hall.) The Factory Bar, which will also open this week, has the largest space overlooking the courtyard. None of the other restaurants have announced an opening date.

Southeast LG 2 24
The Food Factory Oviedo Kai Asian

While people in the courtyard may order food from any of the vendors, customers sitting in one of the microrestaurants’ micro dining rooms may order only from that menu.

Perhaps taking a page from Disney Springs’ playbook, The Food Factory has concocted a cockamamie backstory wherein the provenance of the building is said to have been rocket factory owned by Archibald Snufflebutt, a British inventor. (That would also be a good name for an adult film actor.) Snufflebutt manufactured projectiles (snicker) and, of course, rocket fuel. Or at least that’s what it was called during Prohibition.


The Food Factory Oviedo Local Hen quote

The 1 Cantina’s owners Giovanni Rodriguez and Marigel Haaz have partnered with local business owners Diana Bolivar and Luis Quevedo in the new Cantina and The Local Hen, whose name is an homage to the chickens that roam Oviedo. Its wall has an unattributed quote that reads: “Embrace the feathers, embrace the dreams: Oviedoans find inspiration where chickens roam.” 

The Food Factory Oviedo Local Hen exterior

For the menu, think all things chicken: Popcorn chicken, smoky chicken wings, roasted pulled chicken, fried chicken sticks, chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, fried chicken leg and thigh, chicken pot pie, and chicken fried steak. To paraphrase Macbeth’s witches, “Fair is fowl and fowl is fair.”

The Food Factory has been in development for years, and as recently as May 2022 had a sign in front of the construction fence announcing “Food Hall Coming 2021,” but, seriously, don’t mention the food hall thing to the developers. During that time, some very nice designer touches have been applied to the building – the restrooms are particularly lovely. It will be nice to see the restaurants, micro or otherwise, finally firing up the stoves.

The Food Factory Foodie Collective is at Oviedo on the Park, 888 City Walk Lane, Oviedo.

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