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Fall on the Farm, plus recent review and news

Written By Scott Joseph On October 7, 2021

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News from the Flog  


Fall on the Farm has hayloft’s load of things to do


FallFarm sign

Now through the end of the month, Grande Lakes Orlando is hosting its popular Fall on the Farm weekends, every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Spread out around the resort’s 18,000 square-foot Whisper Creek Farm, the event includes numerous activities, including pumpkin carving with guidance from the resort’s Olympic World Champion culinary artist and carver Victor Dagatan. The kids can make a really jacked up jack-o’-lantern for Halloween.

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Recent Reviews


taconsentida ext

If I hadn’t visited TaConsentida in September, I might have suspected it was observing October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month because this is one of the pinkest places I’ve seen. Even the tacos were served in pink tortillas.

That’s not the oddest thing, though, there’s also the name: consentida translates to spoiled, which isn’t the best name for a restaurant. In this case, according to my Spanish language advisors, the context is more like a spoiled child than a rancid rellenos. Ta consentida would mean so spoiled, so by eliding the two words – TaConsendita – it plays on the Mexican menu, which is kind of clever.

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The Stubborn Mule

Stubborn Mule exterior

It had been just over five years since I’d last visited the Stubborn Mule, one of the more durable restaurants to occupy a space in the Sanctuary condominium complex in downtown’s Thornton Park. So when wanted to find a nice outdoor space to dine with friends recently, I thought it might be time to go back. I mean, there was no reason to be stubborn about returning.

The menu has changed over the years, I think for the better. For one thing, it’s been pared down a bit and has gotten rid of extraneous items, such as the flatbreads.

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 Other Stuff

As people begin to travel again, cuisine and culture determine the destination

Sted shopping for spicesOn a Sated Ventures tour in Oaxaca, Mexico, shopping for spices to be used in a cooking class.

As the world begins to reopen and restrictions lifted, or at least normalized, people are beginning to travel again. With increasing frequency, their travel plans are centered around food.

Not just deciding where they’re going to eat while they’re away or doing an online search for the destination’s best restaurants, which, by the way, can be quite unreliable. (A quick search for “best restaurants Orlando” brought up one list that included a fast-food chain and a now-defunct restaurant that served what was arguably the worst Cuban food in town.)

The new travel trend makes food the main focus rather than ancillary. And travel agencies have started to take note of this growing segment of food-centric travelers and are curating tours and journeys especially for them.

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Newsy Nuggets

Newsy Nuggets: Cookies, cakes and progressive dinners

A Spoon Full of Hope Shortbread Cookies copy

A Spoon Full of Hope, the product line from Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, has added three new cookies flavors to its roster: chai, strawberry lemonade and cranberry pistachio. I count five. Well, four, because I’m not sure chai counts as a flavor. You can purchase the cookies and other food items at the website. With holiday season coming up, keep in mind that gift baskets are also available. Sales directly support Second Harvest’s Culinary Training Program, which teaches qualified, economically challenged adults culinary and life skills training to pursue a sustainable career in the food industry.

  • Robert Earl’s Virtual Dining Concepts has added another celebrity chef to its repertoire. Buddy V’s Cake Slice from baker Buddy Valastro can now be ordered for delivery with five flavors available: Confetti, Vanilla Rainbow, Fudge, Red Velvet and Black and White Fudge. (I count six.) Virtual Dining Concepts partners with existing restaurant kitchens to secretly cook – or bake – the recipes of its various brands, which are then picked up by third-party delivery companies.

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More Nuggets

A Farewell to Hemingway’s: New concept will replace longtime favorite

Galeria closed, relocating “by Disney”

New Restaurant Row concept sets opening date

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We hope you find our reviews and news articles useful and entertaining. It has always been our goal to assist you in making informed decisions when spending your dining dollars. If we’ve helped you in any way, please consider making a contribution to help us continue our journalism. Thank you.

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