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Best Power Lunch Foodster Winner and Recent Reviews

Written By Scott Joseph On April 20, 2017

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 Tap Room power lunch

Congratulations to Tap Room at Dubsdread, voted Best Power Lunch in our Foodster Awards for Independent Restaurants. Readers selected Nona Tap Room for second place and TR Fire Grill was third. (I wonder if the T stands for Tap?)
One voter noted about Tap Room (the one at Dubsdread): “Outdoor seating, great food, quick service, friendly atmosphere, great lunch specials! All around best place for a relaxed & enjoyable lunch!” Many others apparently agree.
Voting continues for Best Mexican and Best Tex-Mex. Vote now.
Coming soon: Best Craft Tacos. Who’s your favorite?
Recent Restaurant Reviews

Firefly Kitchen and Bar

Firefly menu

When my order of Chicken & Dumplings eventually arrived, I immediately noticed something was missing. I mean other than a spoon with which to eat it. It seemed to be devoid of dumplings. So not chicken & dumplings. Chicken &.

This was at Firefly Kitchen and Bar, the business that has taken over the former Taps space in Winter Park Village.

I confirmed the dumpling deficit after I was given a spoon — a teaspoon instead of soup spoon — and fished through the thick and tepid broth. Although ordered as a first course, the soup was served simultaneously with the burger that I had ordered as an entree. So I pushed the bowl aside and concentrated on the burger.

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Da Kine Poke

Dakine counter

It only took me a year, but I finally tried Da Kine Poke, another food business that started as a food truck and then became mostly nonmobile. It celebrated its anniversary this week.

They’ve taken over part of the Meat House in Winter Park. Or maybe it’s the Local Butcher and Market. It’s a little confusing. 

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Dinner Party at TR Fire Grill
TR Fire LogoCome join us for a delightful get-together at TR’s — a Foodster Award finalist!.


Our friends at TR Fire Grill in Winter Park have put together a great menu for our Dinner Party. It’s a thoughtful mix of some menu favorites plus some items created especially for us.

And, as always, each course will be paired with an appropriate beverage, beginning with the restaurants signature Mai Tai.

Cost of the dinner is $85, which includes the tax and gratuity. Nothing else to buy.

Seating is limited, so don’t tally on this one. And yes, single diners are always welcome at our events! Details



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