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Best Orlando Restaurants for Special Occasion Splurges

Written By Scott Joseph On October 21, 2011


Emeril’s Orlando

On this week’s WMFE-FM dining segment, I chat with 90.7’s Nicole Creston about places to go for special occasion splurges. Here are some of the things we talked about.

It isn’t hard to go out and spend a lot of money at a restaurant. Sometimes we like to do a little something extra to celebrate a milestone or to impress someone. I don’t mind spending a lot if I know that I’m going to get my money’s worth. That’s a little harder to do.

What constitutes a special occasion restaurant will be different to others, but for me, I want someplace where the service and the ambience match the fine quality of the food. A special occasion restaurant for me is one where I can get dressed up to go to, and one where the other guests have also taken the effort to put on something besides shorts and a t-shirt.

Some of my favorite special occasion restaurants are:

Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian. It isn’t just the price tag that makes it special, it’s the quality of the food and the doting service. Truly memorable. And if you really want to splurge, go for the chefs table.

Norman’s at the Ritz-Cartlon. Chef Norman Van Aken’s food and the service from his crew really do belong at the Ritz.

Venetian Room is another in the dying breed of fine dining restaurants that places the emphasis on fine. Foie gras, lobster bisque, beef tenderloin and souffle for dessert. That’s my idea of a special meal.

Steak can be a special occasion, too, especially at one of our high-end steakhouses. I like Del Frisco’s, Shula’s at the Dolphin, and Morton’s

Other places I like to spend a special occasion are:
Chatham’s Place
Park Plaza Gardens
California Grill (although you pretty much have to give up the requirement that your fellow diners will be dressed properly)

Where do you like to splurge for a special occasion? Leave a note in the comments below.


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