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A Non Review

Written By Scott Joseph On August 27, 2012

Let me tell you a little about the restaurant I’m not reviewing today. Yes, I said not reviewing.

The restaurant is fairly new — which always catches my attention and gives it added appeal to visit — and is a cuisine that adds cultural diversity to our roster of restaurants. I get excited when I find places like this; it’s always fun to tell you about something new and different and intriguing.

But after two visits to this restaurant I’ve decided that it isn’t worth reviewing. The food, at best, is bland and unexciting, and there were enough signs to indicate to me that the owners and staff are not familiar with the workings of a restaurant. It could be, too, that others who found the restaurant early on have figured that out, as well. On my first visit, at lunch, the restaurant had a decent crowd. Two weeks later, at a dinner toward the end of the week, at the prime dining hour, I was the only guest in the restaurant the entire time I dined.

I could go ahead with the review and give you my full thoughts, but I’ve really already done that. The food is bland; there isn’t a thing about it to recommend.

So why don’t I just tell you the name? As I also mentioned: the place was empty. It’s been a policy of mine for nearly 25 years now that there is no reason to tell you not to go to a restaurant you’re already not going to. 

This sort of place sometimes breaks my heart. People have put a lot of effort and money into the business — although, arguably, not enough ultimately — and unless things turn around, they stand to lose everything. As you know, I don’t shy away from giving a negative review when a restaurant deserves it. But sometimes you just need to shrug, wipe your hands clean, and then move on to the next candidate. This has happened probably hundreds of times over my career — I just rarely mention it.

This restaurant will likely go out of business soon; it doesn’t need my help to get there sooner.

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