Jack & Honey’s

Written By Scott Joseph On November 28, 2023

Jack and Honeys exterior

Jack & Honey’s, the new tenant in the space that most recently was Hawaiian themed The 808 but for decades before that was Dexter’s of Thornton Park, bills itself as an “upscale diner.” What does that mean? Instead of grits they serve polenta? Does the waitress Flo have a French accent?

As near as I can tell, an upscale diner means restaurant. And in the case of Jack & Honey’s, a pleasant one at that.

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On the serendipitous origin of wine bottle shapes

Written By Enrique del Barco On November 27, 2023

Wine bottle types
Enrique del Barco, academic director at Winedos.com

Have you ever wondered why wine bottles come in different shapes? Perhaps you have even heard their associated names, most of them French. The Bordeaux bottle, the Burgundian, the Alsatian. Actually, there is a reason behind each bottle shape and name, though not always associated to a functionality.

It all started in Burgundy, France, in the 19th century, where winemakers decided to use bottles with graceful, sloping shoulders. Interestingly, that was a thoughtful marketing decision designed to provide a recognizable visual packaging style to Burgundian wines, precisely when they had started gaining ample recognition by the international community. But that was an easy adoption as well, as such smooth bottle shapes were easier to fabricate. A win-win situation.

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Newsy Nuggets: Caribbean Moonshine, aloha to Honolulu, Summer House this winter, and a call for holiday dining

Written By Scott Joseph On November 24, 2023

Caribbean Moonshine Exterior

While many of us spent the pandemic isolation period swilling alcohol, Steve Nichols and Mike Weber used the time to figure a way to make and sell it. The result is Caribbean Moonshine, a craft rum distillery, tasting room and retail outlet that just opened at Orlando Vineland Premium Outlet Mall. It’s a 3,000-square-foot facility that pays homage, if that’s the appropriate word, to Florida’s past as a bootlegger’s paradise and rum-runner’s retreat. The Orlando facility isn’t a full-service distillery. The rum base is made in Puerto Rico, then shipped to New Port Richey where it is blended with spring water and cane sugar, and then to the Premium Outlet location for flavoring and bottling. Caribbean Moonshine also sells fruit-flavored rum cakes.

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Plank leaves Terralina for Voodoo Bayou; Daggio moves up at Disney Springs restaurant

Written By Scott Joseph On November 21, 2023

Voodoo Bayou Las Olas
Voodoo Bayou, Las Olas Blvd., Ft. Lauderdale Photo via Voodoo Bayou’s Facebook page.

Justin Plank, who has served for seven and a half years as executive chef at Disney Springs’ Terralina Crafted Italian, helping in its transition from Portobello, has left that Levy Restaurants property and will be executive chef at the soon-to-open Voodoo Bayou on Restaurant Row.

Terralina announced that Claudio Daggio, who served as sous chef for Plank, has been promoted to executive chef.

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Local Flavor: Aardvark’s Spicy Guy

Written By Scott Joseph On November 20, 2023

Aardvark Spicy Guy

The Aardvark — a restaurant, bar, and bottle shop in Orlando’s SoDo District — is an example of a successful reinvention.

Originally known as Aardvark Beverages, it was primarily a package beverage store and a go-to source for beer kegs for partiers of all ages. Well, over 21. The name almost certainly was chosen to come up first in the Yellow Pages listings. (If you’re under 40, ask your grandparents what the Yellow Pages were.)

Today, The Aardvark is a comfortable little neighborhood boîte serving American and bistro fare, such as this sandwich shared by owner Emmie Olivecrona. It’s called the Spicy Guy and features boneless, skinless chicken thighs, either with a hot-sauce coating or just plain.

This recipe is for one sandwich, but you can scale it up for as many people as you’d like. And if it’s for a big party, you may want to know that The Aardvark still sells kegs.

See the recipe at The Community Paper.

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