Notes from New York: Sauce and Roscioli NYC

Written By Scott Joseph On December 4, 2023

Sauce sign

Seven years ago, on the almost-annual trip to New York, we wandered into an unassuming little Italian restaurant on the Lower East Side called Sauce. It was late – we’d been to see a show – and there were few places still serving dinner at the hour. We found two seats at the tiny bar and had a really delightful meal. The food was good and the bartender who serve it was delightful and engaging. We had decided we would go back on the next trip to the city.

And then a fire closed it.

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Kres Chophouse

Written By Scott Joseph On November 30, 2023

Kres Chophouse interior

In most cities, you’d expect the downtown area to be the most stable for businesses. That doesn’t seem to be the case for downtown Orlando, especially for its restaurants. Longevity just isn’t a quality many restaurants enjoy. Kres Chophouse, which, amazingly, opened 20 years ago, appears to be an exception.

Perhaps it’s because it fills a void, offering an upscale dining experience amid a glut of bars, casual eateries and more bars. And it does it with panache, quality food expertly prepared and served with poise.

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On the House: The Elite from JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek

Written By Scott Joseph On November 29, 2023

The Elite Cocktail

In this episode of On the House, Samantha Deacy, bartender at the Sear + Sea lobby bar at JW Marriott Orlando Bonnet Creek, demonstrates her newest creation, The Elite.

Usually, we would also share the recipe for the cocktail, but Deacy uses Buffalo Trace bourbon that she infuses roasted apple and cinnamon stick and then washed with foie gras. Probably not something you’re going to try at home.

So instead, take a look at the video and then head to the JW and ask Deacy to make you one. (Of course, you could always try it with straight, unadulterated bourbon, but you really should get the full effect.) Click below to see the video.

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Jack & Honey’s

Written By Scott Joseph On November 28, 2023

Jack and Honeys exterior

Jack & Honey’s, the new tenant in the space that most recently was Hawaiian themed The 808 but for decades before that was Dexter’s of Thornton Park, bills itself as an “upscale diner.” What does that mean? Instead of grits they serve polenta? Does the waitress Flo have a French accent?

As near as I can tell, an upscale diner means restaurant. And in the case of Jack & Honey’s, a pleasant one at that.

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On the serendipitous origin of wine bottle shapes

Written By Enrique del Barco On November 27, 2023

Wine bottle types
Enrique del Barco, academic director at

Have you ever wondered why wine bottles come in different shapes? Perhaps you have even heard their associated names, most of them French. The Bordeaux bottle, the Burgundian, the Alsatian. Actually, there is a reason behind each bottle shape and name, though not always associated to a functionality.

It all started in Burgundy, France, in the 19th century, where winemakers decided to use bottles with graceful, sloping shoulders. Interestingly, that was a thoughtful marketing decision designed to provide a recognizable visual packaging style to Burgundian wines, precisely when they had started gaining ample recognition by the international community. But that was an easy adoption as well, as such smooth bottle shapes were easier to fabricate. A win-win situation.

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