10 Things Restaurants Aren’t Telling You

Written By Scott Joseph On December 9, 2013

Urbanspoon, the restaurant listing site, has a recent blog post titled 10 Things Restaurants Aren’t Telling You. Some of the items won’t be much of a surprise. Wait times are made up? I’m shocked!

Others you may have suspected. That wedge of lemon had to get into your water glass somehow — you didn’t really think someone in the back was using a nice clean set of tongs, did you?

I’m dubious about number 5 — We know more about you than you think. If servers were indeed that intuitive, they would be better servers.

But what do you think? Are any of these items news to you? And those of you in the restaurant business — what has been left off? What else aren’t you telling us? Leave your comments below.

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